Why to have a mortgage broker?

Either a mortgage broker or a loan officer may assist you when it comes to getting a mortgage loan. Because both reach the same result (a new home), it’s easy to confuse the two. But as you enter the application process, it will benefit you if you recognize how they are different.

Mortgage Brokers

A mortgage broker (either a firm or an individual) is an independent agent for the mortgage loan borrower as well as the lender. A mortgage broker facilitates things between you and your lender. Acting as a facilitator between you and your lender, your mortgage broker can match you with the best banks offers,  Which lender has the loan that fits your needs? A mortgage broker will help you find the right fit. You give your mortgage application to your broker, who presents it to a number of lenders. Your mortgage broker then guides your work with the lender of choice until closing.

Loan Officers

The main difference between a mortgage broker and a loan officer is that a loan officer works for a lending institution , to process loans only originated from the programs of that institution. They may have the ability to offer loans to fit many different situations, but all the loans will be programs from the same lender.


Your Top – financing in Spain

We are looking for the best mortgage conditions for you!!!

We compare between 10 Spanish banks and present you 2-3 of the best financing possibilities!

A mortgage in Spain has also to be checked legally. Exactly, that’s why we are cooperating since many years with an international lawyer’s office in Spain therefore you won’t be surprised by hidden clauses.


Please send us all the appropriate and necessary documents to  and we will try to offer you as soon as possible 2-3 of the best mortgage and financing commitments.


Differences to mortgages in Germany

We negotiate free / beneficial amortization for you

The Bank will checks the property regarding legality and encumbrances

The credit report information (Schufa) has to be obtained and submitted by the applicant

Fire insurance is obligatory


Customers with good solvency are treated well and get the best conditions

The credit conditions for financing in Spain are the better, the lower the mortgage loan will be.


We need the following documents from you by e-mail to help you to find the BEST financing in Spain:

For employees:

Copy of identity card or passport

Copy of NIE (Spanish tax number for foreigners)

Copy of the last three salary statements

Copy of the last income tax return

Statement of bank accounts of the last six months

Credit report information – SCHUFA-information ( )

Proof of equity (summary custody account)


For freelancer:

Copy of the last income tax assessment

Last income tax return (incl. all attachments)

Signed balance sheet with statement of income or signed incomes /Cash basis accounting of the last two years

Current business assessments (BWA)

If you are freelancer in Spain: last 3 payments of social insurance


With revenues from properties:

Abstract of the properties hold

Copy of extract from the land register

Bank statement of received rent and loan rates

Documents regarding the construction:

Option contract usually prepared by lawyer

Extract from the land register (Nota simple)

Copy of the last deed of purchase/ sale (Escritura de Compra/Venta)


If it’s a construction financing, we also need for the banks:

Proyecto basico  / basic construction project

Licencia de obra / planning and building permission


If it’s a purchase planned to be realized in the name of Spanish company, under circumstances this is a recommended option please send us the following:

Corporate charter (escritura de constitución)

Deed of the nomination of company director (escritura de nombramiento de apoderado)

Copy of CIF (Spanish tax number for companies)

Bank account statments and Balance of the last two fiscal years and the annual accounts (cuentas anuales)

Please send us all these appropriate and necessary documents to and we will try to offer you as soon as possible the 2-3 of the best mortgage and financing commitments.